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We are planning QUEER VOICES 4! APPLY ASAP - Drag Queens/ Kings, Comedians, Poets, Sculptors, Musicians, Performers, Painters, Sketch Artists, Photographers, Writers. EMAIL

A Networking Event for LGBTIQ+ Artists in London, in collaboration with other companies passionate on the subject.

Poetry readings, talks by LGBTIQ+ company founders, Drag Performances, Art Exhibition, plenty of Comedy and much more. Keep an eye on our social media and website for further info.

Our first, second and third editions of QUEER VOICES were all a great success (WE SOLD OUT) - talented performances, exhibitions and a loving and accommodating audience.

“I never expected the event to be so welcoming and kind and best of all, fun!! What a fab crowd and atmosphere."
“it meant a lot to be in a safe space and to feel the support. As an audience it’s always much better to come to a well curated night, with a good selection of artists"
“Warm, generous audience and some really high level performances - we were blown away by the quality.”

“QUEER VOICES is a fantastic initiative and really worth supporting"
“Honestly it was such a fantastic magical night!!!!”

More info on the artists on our Social Media: @perceptionswarehouse


Check out our interview with DIVA Magazine - Europe's leading magazine for lesbians and bisexual women - on the impact of QUEER VOICES within the LGBTQI community! 

On the importance of inclusive, accessible spaces in the LGBTQI community


Ahead of the next Queer Voices event (which showcases and celebrates poetry, song, drag, and more) DIVA caught up with Perceptions Warehouse Director, Izabel Florence, to discuss the importance of inclusive, creative spaces in the LGBTQI community. 

  • DIVA: Many LGBTQI events are centred around party culture – and often alcohol. Queer Voices facilitates a space that isn’t. Do you think there need to be more “sober” queer spaces? 

IZABEL FLORENCE: There’s a lot of preconceived ideas regarding artists of all kinds. I truly believe there’s a very hard-working energy within all of us, which comes alive when our passion is embraced and treasured by ourselves and others. When it comes to the queer community, a lot of events are centred around alcohol and I believe that takes away the safety I would like to grant the artists working with me. 

  • Queer Voices is hosted at The Gallery Café in East London, an area known for its LGBTQI scene. Was it important to you to capture the “spirit of queer London” in QV?

We share a lot of values with St Margaret’s and The Gallery Café, which is crucial for me when working with other companies. East London is extremely dynamic and a place I believed would welcome my goal of creating a strong community of artists.

  • Queer Voices remains a by-donation event. How important is accessibility to you?

It will always be a by-donation event so that the audience is not filtered and therefore, the event can exist as a true social mirror of the community. I will always pay the artists, and I always bring artists from different backgrounds and art forms. I believe the more variety we have in the room, the more we can all learn from and inspire each other.

  • Queer Voices hosts drag queens and kings alike. Given the stigma often directed towards drag kings within the community, is it important to you that our beloved kings feel included?

One hundred percent. A lot of mainstream media is focused on drag queens, so knowledge is scarce when it comes to drag kings’ artform. Gender can be a very difficult subject to approach. Pushing the boundaries is brave and should always be applauded. To be a king is a powerful political weapon.

More info:

Leah is an actor and theatre maker. They trained at East 15 and have co-written many shows, including a devised show, Mundi, at Rooted Moon Theatre Festival in Sardinia. They use World Performance styles, music, physical theatre, Drag and cabaret in their work. Recently they performed as the non-binary Dionysus at the Vaults in 'Divine Proportions' and at Shakespeares Globe in 'Moll and the Future Kings's as a Drag improvisor. They aim to incite change through theatre that addresses social, economic and political issues and explore black masculinity and gender dysphoria through cabaret and drag. This is the premier of their drag act 'Cyro' outside of Soho theatre as they recently were part of the Drag and Cabaret Lab. Get your ticket (link on bio) and come check out this incredible performer!

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