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Nourished Mind 3 is postponed due to the Coronavirus. More info to come in due time. Would you like to be the first to know when we have a new date booked? Sign up to our newsletter! :) 

An Amazing Wellbeing and Mental Health focused event in a beautiful bright space in Hoxton.

All profits go to a Mental Health Charity.

The goal is to approach the subject of mental health through different routes, offering our audience divergent methods of improving their daily lives. Some topics covered by professionals on talks and workshops and it's effects on mental health can include: meditation, music, arts and crafts, nutrition, yoga, art therapy, hypnotherapy, creativity, mindfulness, sleep health, exercise and much more.


Thank you to everyone who came to NOURISHED MIND 1 and 2! The room was filled with incredible strong energies coming from all kinds of backgrounds, all thirsty to teach and learn, in both editions. And all going towards great causes - children’s mental health, and The Museum of Happiness! WE FEEL EXTREMELY GRATEFUL! 

Want to be involved?  📩 Send us an email!

The New Venue:




"Nourished Mind was a truly special event held in such a beautiful, warm and welcoming venue which was The Flowerpot in Hoxton. All speakers and workshop facilitators offered something truly special to the space and my sincere thanks to Izabel Florence and her vision to create a safe, supportive and inspiring environment in which all creatives are nurtured and appreciated and can ultimately flourish in their creative endeavours." Thanks Izabel and Perceptions Warehouse for having me! - Certified Hypnotherapist and Performer Amy Coutts

"It was really therapeutic having a public platform to speak about my personal journey with mental health. I am internally grateful for Perceptions Warehouse allowing me to speak about finding meaning and recovery after severe mental illness. The questions after my talk were very insightful and the audience was supportive. If you are interested in mental health from an artistic perspective, then the Nourished Mind event is for you." - Guest speaker Jason Grant

"I thought it was lively, well paced and an excellent atmosphere. It was varied and topical with a vast amount of experienced speakers.” Zelda Elliot from Carefree Kids Charity

"It was a lovely thoughtful and relaxing event.” - Peace Ambassador Marcia Martins da Rosa, experienced in the fields of Equality, Community Engagement, Health Care and Human Rights

"I thought it was fantastic. You had a great range of speakers and performers and it had a wonderful atmosphere, very welcoming and it felt “safe”. Safe enough to be able to be open about my mental health issues and to share the learning that has evolved as a consequence. This is not always the case, sometimes I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing so but at Nourished Minds I felt very supported. I felt that this was the same for all of the speakers who opened up. So all in all a great event, you should be proud of what you achieved and I hope that your next event is also a success." - Wellbeing Coach, Facilitator & Public Speaker Stuart Paviour

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for Sunday. It was just brilliant, from beginning to end. I learnt so much, and it was a privilege to hear so many honest stories from the speakers. It is the first time I have ever heard such honesty outside of AA meetings. The refreshments were lovely, and the gift bag & goodies are all in use already. I look forward to future similar events, and know a few friends who would love to take part too.” Joanne Jameson - Participant

"Izabel is passionate about addressing any well-being and mental health issues in a such caring and creative way that you want to be close by when she plans any Nourished Mind event because you know it is going to be surprising and inspiring at the same time." - Voice and Singing Coach Michaela Bartoskova


Part 1. Lectures (10am - 1:30pm):

  • Collaboration with embroidery artist Milou Stella from Moody Bright Designs

  • Talk on the Neuroscience of Wellbeing by Stuart Paviour

  • Talk by Holistic Occupational Therapist Pranita Salunke founder of Vitality Health Clinic

  • Mental Health and Resilience Coaching by Jonathan Phelan - Author of “The Art of the Mentally Healthy Conversation" and director of Wellbeing at Evenhood.

  • Talk by Certified Hypnotherapist and Performer Amy Coutts in regards to auditions and performer's anxiety

  • Talk on using your voice as a vehicle of change, personal growth and emotional healing by Uran Apak, founder of Voice DNA.

  • Discussions and Q&A by Artists who have struggled with mental health, and how to overcome it

Part 2. Workshops (2:30pm - 7pm):

  • Yoga and meditation session taught by a qualified and experienced teacher Cecilia Ballan

  • Workshop on Gratitude by Happiness Trainer Sarit Gafan of Highest Good, qualified by the Museum of Happiness

  • Voice Exploration Workshop by Michaela Bartoskova, coach at MET Film School, The Actors Centre as well as founder of Circle Singing London, To Move with Voice Project and The Voice Energy Project.

  • Workshop by Peace Ambassador Marcia Martins da Rosa, experienced in the fields of Equality, Community Engagement, Health Care and Human Rights

If you'd like to be involved email



Part 1. Lectures (14:00 - 15:50)

  • Joan Brown - "The Wheel of Well-being (WoW)" improves people’s understanding of mental health and well-being. WoW is made up of 6 themes that underpin mental (and physical) health and well-being: body, mind, spirit, people, place and planet.  Based on positive psychology principles and research, it shows how certain practices can improve mood, reduce the risk of depression, strengthen relationships, keep people healthy and even add years to our lifespan! 

  • Wendy Smith - In this talk, Paralympian Wendy will be sharing her story. Her journey to discovering that life really does present opportunities started literally with a BANG – a high speed motorbike accident which caused severe spinal injury, cardiac arrest and years of rehabilitation.  Through successful methods, her aim is to show people how they can create the life experience they want to have. She enjoys taking people into the space of development and progress and then seeing the amazing end results that simple awareness can bring. When you know what you bring to the table, you can change anything, awareness is a powerful tool and can be an uncomfortable yet rewarding journey. She helps people realise their full potential.

  • Nicole Barton - In this talk with Life Mentor Nicole, we will dive deeply but gently into an understanding about how the mind works and who we really are beyond that, which helped Nicole drop into insights that completely transformed her life of suffering (and a self-help addiction!) - almost overnight.  Sharing her story, and mixing inspirational talk with some gentle, meditative breathing, Nicole will hold a safe space of connection that offers a beautiful reminder of our true inbuilt power.  Tapping us right back into our soul, you can simply listen and soak up the beautiful feeling.


Part 2. Workshops (16:00 - 18:30)​

  • Jane Jackson and Rebecca Fry - The “Be Creatively Free” workshop will help you identify and neutralise some of the energetic blocks that are holding you back from reaching your full creative potential. Introducing you to Emotional Freedom Technique and the growing body of scientific evidence behind it, will allow you to experience this powerful technique for yourself, as you are guided to release some of the emotional resistance that has been holding you back.  We will end this session with a Tapping Meditation to connect you to a more peaceful, centred place within!

  • Amy Coutts - Workshop on RTT by a Rapid Transformational Therapist and actor who helps clients to free themselves from fear, rebel against rejection, claim their courage and perform at their peak. 

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