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Event Breakdown

As the artists arrived, they were invited to network and enjoy some refreshments and snacks, as they explored the space that PW would be using for the month of August. There were booklets for anyone interested to sign up to our newsletter and/or book the space for workshops or rehearsals in the future. Information on the short films we'd be screening and the artists involved were displayed.


From the beginning there was a projection exhibition on the archetypal charge of the Marseille Tarot, a piece created by the artist Pedro Lopes with the focus on understanding the mythologies that pierce the city of São Paulo in the 21st century. The audience were invited to explore the art work.


Once the audience settled in, there was a Perceptions Warehouse launch speech consisting of the company’s ethos, goals and future plans.


We then screened the short films through our projector, with a 5 minute interval every 25mins.

At the end of the screening, artists were invited to discuss the work among themselves and socialise.


The event was a great opportunity to:

- Learn about an emerging new company that intends to support many artists in the future

- Meet others in the film and theatre industries

- Have your film promoted by the company on the event as well as the company’s website

- Check out interesting new work from young talented artists

- Sip some lovely champagne and have a great time


We thank everyone who helped us make it happen.


We thank all the artists who have applied with their short films. We have received a lot of interest, but because it was a small event we could only accept a few. Our goal for this event was to present a varied collection of short films by emerging new artists we believe and support, so we decided to choose one short film for each genre. 


Here's some of the amazing films we screened:

Like My Selfie

The Joke's On You


Narcissism gone mad or life-evolving steps in communication and sharing?

In this film we meet four different characters who’s lives have been dramatically changed by the Selfie, taking the viewer on a journey to explore the opportunities and dangers of this seemingly harmless trend.

Written by: Sophie Townsend & Jade Sturman

Shot, Directed and Edited by: Dave Aspinall

Project made in collaboration with advertising agency VCCP

Sorte / Luck

Inspired by Anton Tchékhov's "The Wallet", "Sorte" shows us through a situation of joy and conquest, as far as human greed and individuality can go.

Directed by: Walter Cereja

Pietraroia Produções

The Regular Everyday

First short film by Hyperdrive Theatre, 'The Regular Everyday' was the winner of The Fresh Faced Film Festival at Lyric Hammersmith, shown at Latitude Festival 2018 as well as part of the Official Selection for UKCineFest 2018.

Directed by: Will Harrison

A quirky comedy short film about Davina and Mark, a couple who play pranks on each other.


The Joke's on You has won best comedy short at Ecaff Eddie Comedy Awards in Milan and has screened at film festivals in America, Morocco, Egypt, Cambodia and Wales.

Directed by: Katie Smith

Written by: Victoria Muldoon

Produced by: Victoria Muldoon

The Life Of A Woman

The Life of a Woman is a film that takes you on a spiritual journey into the life cycle of women as a whole, representing the stages of birth, womanhood, sexual awakening, motherhood and rebirth. The film is a none-narrative exploration of mother earth and women, and how spiritually, the two coincide, with the female form as Goddess.

A poem accompanies the images which represent and enhance the themes and symbolism within the film, portrayed as an inclusive look into women and the physical stages they go through in their lifetime to become one, divine feminine presence.

Directed by: Lauren Fenn

Forward To The Past

Forward To The Past sees the return of 'Street Trader' Dave & his latest crazy idea: to get his local church clock working again. With help from friends.  Staring Danny Nutt and Kerry Godliman

Directed by: Rohit Gill and Danny Nutt

Written by: Danny Nutt

Produced by: Rohit Gill and Danny Nutt

Arcanos Urbanos

This video installation piece by Pedro Lopes, is inspired by the Marseille Tarot and it’s noticeable combination of oracular, prophetic and playful characteristics, which appeared in the middle Ages in the mediterranean Europe. After Carl Jungs’ studies, many started to see the Marseille Tarot cards as archetypal representations connecting us to our collective unconscious and to the universal symbols found in mythology that can mediate opposites in the psyche.


In his research, Pedro Lopes uses these archetypical aspects of the cards to establish parallels between situations, characters and issues regarding the city of São Paulo, in search of an urban mythology inspired by the enigmatic figures that construct this guessing instrument. It is an exploration for the manifestation of the arcane, constructed in the heart of the city, and its consequential influences in the thought process and organisational ways of the contemporary man of the 21st century.


For the composition of this material, Pedro Lopes dove into the studies of the tarot cards, its history, meaning, symbolism, and the fables contained in it, looking for its poetic intertextuality  with the city’s alive pulse.

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